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Fall 2011 Workshop

Workshop Report




9:00 Welcome and introductions (Butler, Welch)
9:15 Workshop Goals - why are we here
9:30 Recap of first workshop (Butler)
10:15 Break
10:30 LIGO experiences (Koranda)
11:15 Vision for the Institute and workshop goals (Welch)
Noon Lunch
12:30 Discussion
2:00 Checkpoint and phone check-in
2:30 Break
2:45 Continue discussion
3:45 Wrap up and Summarize
4:40 Phone check-in
4:55 Adjourn

Summer 2010 Workshop

Workshop Report


About the Summer 2010 workshop

This by-invitation-only NSF-sponsored workshop explored the potential for a cross-disciplinary Scientific Software Security Innovation Institute (S3I2) to address the protection, integrity, and reliability of research software, computing systems, and data. The goal of the workshop was to identify the needs for, and models of, an S3I2 to support the integrity, availability, confidentiality, and sustainability of computational science in the United States. To meet that goal, the workshop undertook the following objectives:

The workshop brought together representatives from NSF funded projects, researchers, developers, and resource providers to discuss topics of: research security needs; existing tools, systems, processes and organizations; outstanding issues to be addressed in research security and assurance; and organization and operational models for a future institute targeting the identified needs. A report from the workshop will enumerate the needs and solutions, provide analysis of the same, and discuss the merits of potential models for a S3I2 to address America's research assurance and security needs. The results of this workshop will help NSF define the 2011 SI2 program.



Please contact if you have questions.


The workshop organizers greatly appreciate the participation of the workshop attendees.

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