NCSA CyberSecurity

Who we are

The Cybersecurity Directorate at NCSA is composed of researchers, developers, and network security specialists who work to advance the state of the art of cybersecurity, apply those advances to key science, engineering, government, and law enforcement user communities, and protect NCSA's networks and substantial computing resources.

The Cybersecurity Directorate also includes NCSA's Security Operations Team. This group is responsible for incident response and production security at NCSA.

Our Mission

  • Design, develop, and apply unique, state-of-the-art trustworthy cyberinfrastructure to meet real world needs in science, engineering, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure.
  • Research and develop security solutions to meet community requirements when solutions are not available.
  • Develop a balance between security and usability tailored to the needs of each user community.
  • Maintain the security of NCSA cyberresources and digital data.

Security at NCSA

NCSA has been researching, developing, and deploying cybersecurity solutions for two decades. Find out more.


For more information, contact Randy Butler (, Cybersecurity Director.


  • March 2014: Randy Butler and CSD are awarded patent US 12/857,979 for their work with the CLEW forensic investigation toolset.
  • February 2014: Randy Butler, CSD Director, is invited to join the Cyber Subcommittee of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board.
  • February 2014: The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) launched.
  • December 2013: Adam Slagell becomes CSD's new Assistant Director.
  • November 2013: CSD welcomes new security engineer Justin Azoff.
  • October 2013: CSD's Adam Slagell and ICSI's Robin Sommer are awarded a new NSF center for the Bro IDS.
  • September 2013: CSD and NCSA welcome risk assessment expert Joerg Heintz as a new team member on Sept. 3.
  • September 2013: CSD's Adam Slagell and CSL's Ravi Iyer's new award is written about in the Champaign News Gazette, the HPC Wire, and the NCSA home page.
  • August 2013: NCSA and CSD's Adam Slagell host the 2013 Bro Exchange Aug. 6-8.
  • July 2013: CSD's Jim Basney, Terry Fleury and Jeff Gaynor win the inaugural Phil Andrews Best Technology Track Paper award at XSEDE 2013.
  • July 2013: NCSA's Cybersecurity Directorate and Blue Waters welcomes Jon Schipp, a new security engineer to NCSA.
  • June 2013: CSD's Adam Slagell wins an NSF SaTC award to explore industrial control system network security with co-PI Ravi Iyer (UIUC).

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